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Thanks for popping into our site! Crayon Strategies is all about creating awesome workplaces. We champion belonging, diversity, respect, and authenticity. With years of experience, best practices, and expert knowledge, we've guided numerous organizations towards workplace awesomeness. We're excited to join you on your journey!

Wooden Board

"Why did the box of crayons include a 'flesh' coloured crayon when the world is so diverse in skin tones?"


This question fascinated our founder, April Howe, when she was a child colouring with her crayons. As a black girl, feeling excluded by the standard crayon set stayed with April throughout her life, inspiring her to champion diversity and belonging when and where she could.


Crayon Strategies Inc was founded to drive lasting change towards a more inclusive world. Our mission is fueled by the vision


"To transform the world, one individual, one team, one organization at a time."

p.s.: In 1962, during the civil rights movement, Crayola voluntarily changed the name of this crayon from 'flesh' to 'peach', which had a profound impact on the crayon community.

Our "Why"

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